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Buying New vs. Used: Auto Insurance Considerations to Make

Apply for car insurance that really cares about you.Before you get great auto insurance you need a great vehicle. It is only natural to want the best vehicle you can have. But when you stop and think about would a used one be better? A lot of people get brand new automobiles, but just as many people opt for used ones as well. There are advantages to both, as well as disadvantages. So before you apply for car insurance get a great vehicle. But before you rush into a buying decision, take a look at some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of New Cars

Everybody would love a new car, for the sole reason that it is your automobile and no one has ever driven it before. But one of the great things you get is a warranty. This really covers you in case something goes wrong. It really helps put you at ease because you know that for a certain amount of time you will be covered. New models also have some of the most advanced safety features. This is another thing that will help protect you. Safety is very important. Finally, you know you do not have to worry about any prior ownership. This vehicle is yours and yours only.

Disadvantages of New Cars

New cars cost more then used counterparts. Sometime the amount can be truly significant. The moment you drive your model off the lot, the car loses up to 40% of its value. So you will find that this is a large commitment that you will be locking yourself into. If a long term commitment is not what you want at the moment then you should look elsewhere.

Advantages of Used Cars

The obvious perk for buying used is price. It will be a lot cheaper than a new one. This will really help you save money that you can put towards other things, like great insurance. A used model does not lose its value as quickly as a new one does. It is reasonable to think your used automobile will be worth the same next year as it is right now. Saving money is an overwhelming positive when looking at used offerings.

Disadvantages of Used Cars

When you get a used model you might not always know the complete ownership history. You will know the previous owners, but did it have an owner before that? Plus, a warranty is not common among used offerings. This can leave you with some sense of uncertainty. The more miles a vehicle has the more maintenance it might be looking at. You might be looking at having to get another one next year. So make sure you know everything you can about this used automobile you are getting.

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